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4 Days Left | Enjoy the Unique Colombia Coffee at the International Cooperation and Exchange Exhibit

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The 2021 MSRE will be held in Zone A of the Canton Fair Complex during September 24-26. This year, the upgraded International Cooperation and Exchange Area will target new opportunities brought by the new development pattern of dual circulation. Today, we will present one of the exhibiting countries in the International Cooperation and Exchange Area:


Commercial Counselor of the Colombia Embassy

Director of the ProColombia Office in China

Natalia Tobon


Exhibiting country: Colombia



Colombia, the hometown of Gabriel García Márquez, the author of Cien Anos de Soledad, boasts rich South American flora and fauna, colorful buildings, and coffee plantations surrounded by clouds and mist. Travelers would be amazed by the gorgeous views of Colombia, where they feel being in a wonderland. Colombia is endowed with abundant natural resources., Coffee is one of the country’s featured product. The complex terrain and the fusion of multiple cultures have provided this country with diversified landscapes, and different regions produce coffee with different aromas.


Origin of Coffee




The coffee production areas of Colombia are located between northern latitude 3-8°, a low-latitude coffee belt, with two harvests per annum. Mature coffee can be harvested in almost every month from south to north. The large-scale commercial coffee farmlands are located in the central and northern parts, and are the main producing area of commercial coffee beans, including the time-honored MAM coffee production areas - Medillin, Armenia and Manizales. With a sour and strong taste, the coffee produced here is of the typical Central American flavor, while that produced in Bucaramanga in the northeastern department of Santander is known for low sourness and a strong, bitter taste, similar to the Mandheling flavor in Indonesia. The specialty grade producing area in Colombia is mostly in the southern part, with altitudes of over 1,500 meters, including San Augustino in Huila Department, Popayan in Cauca Department, Narino Department, and Tolima Department, whose products have exquisite acid and berry scents, a caramel aroma, and rich sweetness.


Varieties of coffee beans


coffee bean


Except Caturra, Bourbon, Typica and Pacamara common in American producing areas, Colombia as three unique disease-resistant varieties, which are Castillo, Tabi, and Colombia (the same as the country name); of course, there are some rare varieties, like Gesha, small-grain Mocca, Rume Sudan, Eugenioides, Laurina and Maragues. Colombia’s soil is rich in volcanic ash, providing advantaged conditions for coffee cultivation. Harvested coffee beans are treated by washing to get rid of pulp, and the dried by sunlight on a loft bed. This treatment method preserves the natural flavor of coffee very well.


Green gold—Colombian coffee






Produced in Colombia, Colombian coffee is one of the few single-origin coffees named after a country and sold around the world. This variety is renowned as the “green gold”. Colombian coffee is often described as having a silky mouth feel. Among all coffees, it boasts the best equilibrium, and a soft and smooth mouth feel, and is ready for drinking. This has gained it the unparalleled reputation of the “green gold”. Baked coffee beans emit a sweet scent, and have the fine trait of sweetness in sourness and gentle bitterness. Due to its appropriate concentration, it is often applied to high-grade blended coffees. This is low-keyed Colombian coffee, which emits a subtle and elegant scent.


The Colombia Embassy in China will organize specialty coffee enterprises to attend the 2021 MSRE. They will present you with coffee trading resources from Colombia at the International Cooperation and Exchange Area.

Check it out on the spot!

Exhibition duration: September 24-25, 2021

Venue: Zone A, Canton Fair Complex

Colombian Booth: T66, Hall 5.2

List of Exhibitors


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