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2021 MSRE Kicks Off in Guangzhou Today

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The 2021 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo (MSRE) kicks off today at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Under the theme of "New Stage, New Concept, New Pattern", the 3-day expo will be held in the form of "one fair and one forum” and "general exhibitions + specialized exhibitions". New features of this year’s expo include the pavilions of foreign trade bases, artificial intelligence, digital economy, and silk road e-commerce. More than 40 business events and cultural activities will be held concurrently with the expo.


The 2021 MSRE presents us three general exhibition areas, including international cooperation and exchange, international platforms and brands, and foreign trade bases. There are also four specialized exhibition areas featuring artificial intelligence, digital economy, silk road e-commerce, and imported food. Covering an exhibition area of 70,000 square kilometers, this year’s expo is attended more than 1,000 exhibitors from 64 countries and regions, an increase of 13 participating countries compared with the previous session. Over 40 supporting activities for cooperation and exchange are held during the expo period.


Grand Opening

Wide range of cultural goods

Bringing the customs of Belt and Road to your finger tips

Oriented towards the countries and regions along the Belt and Road, the International Cooperation and Exchange Area this year has been upgraded to display Chinese culture, promote mutual appreciation of different civilizations, and boost people-to-people exchanges. This exhibition area features culture and tourism, and also covers international communication and cooperation platforms, overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, offshore fishery bases, and special commodities. The area mainly demonstrates the cultural customs, tourism resources, traditional arts and crafts, intangible cultural products, creative cultural products, and special tourism commodities of countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

It also shows Guangdong culinary culture such as Cantonese cuisine chefs, tell the story of Guangdong Maritime Silk Road, and display the Maritime Silk Road Museum, the Thirteen Hong, Huangpu Port and more. These will promote the two-way cultural exchanges between China and the BRI countries.


Belgian beer, Polish amber, Panamanian coffee, Lao tea, Malaysian bird's nest, Icelandic coffee and other goods from the Belt and Road are presented on the booths. The area has more than 300 exhibitors, and 64 national booths, which indicates an increase of 13 participating countries than the last session. Countries including Iceland, Belgium, Moldova, North Macedonia, Azerbaijan, the United States, Panama, Bolivia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Cameroon participate MSRE for the first time this year. The International Cooperation and Exchange Area has also developed different zones by region. These zones include RCEP economic and trade cooperation zone, European economic and trade cooperation zone, Asia-Africa economic and trade cooperation zone, Pacific Island countries cooperation zone and America cooperation zone. During the same period, more than 20 events will be held in the exhibition area, including Polish accordion performance, Russian piano and violin performance, Cuban salsa dance, Argentine tango dance performance, Panamanian coffee appreciation, Laos promotion meeting and ASEAN countries product carnival, and Fijian and Zimbabwean culture and tourism promotion meetings.


A variety of international brands

Showcasing "hardcore" technological strength and innovative energy

The International Platforms and Brands Area focuses on building innovative technology industries with global influence, showcasing the major investment projects and international brand enterprises introduced since the reform and opening up, as well as the representative head enterprises and innovative enterprises in the industry, in a bid to demonstrate the superior investment environment of China, especially the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Grounding on the Greater Bay Area, the organizer has mobilized the foreign-funded enterprises in China to invite their parent company to participate the exhibition or to participate on their behalf. The area mainly focuses on internationally renowned brands of the Fortune 500 and industry leaders. Exhibits in this area include food, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, biomedical and other products, technologies and services.



The exhibition area has attracted 39 innovative tech companies and modern service enterprises, including Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, Cedar Holdings, GAC AION, XAG, MINO, YSG, Xpeng Motors, LEDMAN, NINED, Baidu Apollo, PepsiCo, Master Kong, Bank of China Macau Branch, Cushman & Wakefield and other international leading and well-known brand enterprises, which have brought their advanced products, technologies and services for display.

Three global live studios

Helping foreign trade enterprises to achieve another breakthrough

A foreign trade base area has also been set up in the 2021 MSRE. Grounding on the Greater Bay Area and targeting at the countries and regions along the Belt and Road, the MSRE organizer has invited key enterprises of national foreign trade bases to participate in the exhibition. This area showcases the comprehensive strength of China's foreign trade bases, the development achievements of industrial clusters across the country since the reform and opening up, as well as new measures to stabilize and promote the growth China's foreign trade under the new situation. The  purposes of this exhibition area is to stimulate the internal impetus for the high-quality development of key foreign trade enterprises, open up international trade channels for foreign trade base enterprises and encourage them to participate in global competition, thus facilitating the formation of a new development pattern in which domestic and foreign markets boost each other, with the domestic market as the mainstay.


Specialized exhibition area with multiple highlights

The digital economy is highly received

Centering around the popular fields for Belt and Road industrial cooperation, 2021 MSRE has set up four specialized exhibition areas - the Technology Silk Road, the Health Silk Road, the Green Silk Road, and the Digital Silk Road. These exhibition areas are created to showcase China's competitive industries and the quality products from the countries along the Belt and Road, and promote investment and trade exchanges and cooperation along the route.


Promoted by the Belt and Road Initiative and driven by the digital economy, more and more countries and regions along the Belt and Road have devoted themselves in achieving the comprehensive upgrade and connectivity of IT infrastructure. This year, we have set up the first Technology Silk Road (Artificial Intelligence) Area and Digital Silk Road (Digital Economy and Silk Road E-commerce) Area, featuring artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, cross-border e-commerce and other popular fields for investment and trade.


In recent years, leveraging the opportunity of holding MSRE sessions, Guangzhou has further deepened its trade and cultural exchanges, infrastructure connectivity with countries and regions along the Belt and Road. Remarkable results have been achieved in cooperation. As of December 2020, Guangzhou has accomplished all of the 70 tasks proposed in the Three-Year Action Plan for Guangzhou's Participation in the National Belt and Road Construction (2018-2020). In 2020, countries and regions along the Belt and Road actually invested US$548 million in Guangzhou, an increase of 67.6%; ASEAN countries invested US$533 million in Guangzhou, an increase of 65.2%. During the 13th Five-year Plan period, 156 new enterprises (institutions) were established in countries along the Belt and Road, accounting for 28.17% of China’s contracted foreign investment. From January to August this year, countries and regions along the Belt and Road accounted for 28.9% of Guangzhou’s foreign trade, an year-on-year increase of 1.5 percentage points.

The 2021 MSRE will still be open for two more days.

More amazing activities are here waiting for you.

Come and visit us!

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